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How many kinds of cemented carbide tools are there? 2020-12-08

Carbide tool type:

carbide shear knife1. Solid carbide cutting tools, including twist drill, milling cutter, 2113 reamer, boring cutter, milling blade, ball head milling cutter 5261, saw blade milling cutter, taper milling cutter, smooth plug gauge, round rod and step drill.

carbide blade2, inserts the alloy cutter class, includes the reamer 4102, the spiral end milling cutter, the drill reaming tool, the automobile wheel hub knife, the three-side edge, the T type milling cutter and each kind of shaping knife.
3. Indexable cutting tools, including carbide indexable end milling cutter, indexable face milling cutter, indexable swallowtail milling cutter and indexable three-face 1653 blade.
4. HSS cutting tools, including HSS forming milling cutter, left-handed drill, spherical milling cutter, Cobalt HSS cutting tool and various non-standard HSS cutting tools.
5. Industry-specific tools, including special knives for automobile industry, mobilization machine industry, sewing machine industry, mold industry, spinning machine industry and printed line answer plate industry.


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